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World Renowned Folk Bar

Sandy Bell's is one of the great folk music venues in Edinburgh, known by musicians and lovers of traditional music worldwide. Local musicians have been keeping the spirit of traditional music alive here for over half a century. People come from all over Scotland, Ireland, the rest of the United Kingdom, and just about anywhere  -- as musicians or just to participate in a great night out. You can read more about the story of music at the Sandy Bell's on the history page. Traditional music sessions go on every night -- and sometimes in the daytime too. Visit the sessions page for a day-by-day guide.

In recent years we've expanded our range of drinks to include an impressive range of whiskies (see below). Our recent refurbishment includes an enlarged musicians' area and new facilities. Click here for directions.

Whiskies and Beers

We have a comprehensive collection of whiskies, including not only Speyside, Highland, Lowland and Islay malts, but also English, Indian and Japanese whiskies. For a complete list please visit our whiskies and beers page.

We also have an excellent range of draught beers, cider and stout.

Why not try one of our homemade steak and ale pies, toasted sandwich or a hearty bowl of soup to keep hunger at bay?

Events and Sessions

There's traditional music every night in Sandy Bell's. Visit the sessions page for more information.

We also have occasional special events including music events and whisky and beer tastings.